Take your night photography to the next level

NoctaCam perfectly complements your iPhone camera to click better pictures in low-light than any other app.*

Our easy-to-use interface coupled with advanced computational photography algorithms help you reach your true creative potential.

*In our internal testing, it was found that NoctaCam gives results as good or better results than any other low-light photography app.

Also take great photos at night

Why use NoctaCam ?

NoctaCam takes the best videos and photos at night

Better video than iPhone camera app

Unlike iPhone’s built-in camera app, NoctaCam records every highlight -  sharp and clear, even in low-light. Illuminating the video, it strikes an immaculate harmony.

Fill flash and key flash

iPhone camera app

The iPhone camera app blew out the highlights in this macro photo, losing the details, making it look colorless and dull.


NoctaCam captured the beautiful yellow color of the flower. And the details — you can see each individual petal, and even the veins on them.

iPhone camera app

In this example, the photographer wanted to capture the person against the dramatic sky, which the iPhone camera app couldn't.


By contrast, NoctaCam was able to achieve the goal, tastefully balancing the subject and the background.

iPhone camera app

The iPhone camera app worked as a key flash, making the sky look dark, and the plants artificial, resulting in an odd photo.


NoctaCam was able to capture the gentle colors of the dusk sky in the background, along with the natural-looking plants in the foreground, for a balanced photo. It captured the feel of the scene.

Flashing is for the graceless. NoctaCam gives you both fill light and key light which can help you selectively brighten dark parts, seamlessly blending your phone's LED with natural light, like a Hollywood director.

How Noctacam works

Noctacam is the easiest camera app you've ever used: drag a slider to adjust the LED brightness. As you adjust, you'll see how the photo looks in real time.

Drag the slider all the way up for a flash rather than a continuous light. Drag it all the way down to turn the LED off completely.

See Noctacam's upcoming video mode

The iPhone camera app produces a dark video — you can't make out much. By contrast, Noctacam takes a bright, clear video.

This is made possible by our advanced GPU-accelerated algorithm, which processes almost a gigabyte of data every second in real time. Let Noctacam do all the hard work. You just press the record button.

More Upcoming features

In addition to the video and photo modes, we're also working on the following:

Long exposure

Capture spectacular photos at night. Get results like a DSLR from your iPhone!


Capture sharp photos at night, without any noise.

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About us

A bunch of photography aficionados, designing apps to advance your creativity without any technical blabber. NoctaCam is first of multiple apps we're working on to bring this vision to reality.

Vaddadi Kartick
Founder & CEO
IIT Bombay, Google
An ex-Google engineer - Kartick believes in enhancing user experience by solving niche problems in the world of photography. His benchmark is only the best coupled with intuitive design.
Pranshu Goyal
iOS Engineer
IIT, Kharagpur
A philosopher at heart - Pranshu strives for making technology faster and better. With NoctaCam, he is helping iPhone users capture SLR-like photos.
Mitul Jindal
iOS Engineer
Thapar University
A photography enthusiast - Mitul believes that one shouldn’t have to learn how to use an app. At NoctaCam, he is building an effortless flow where optimal settings are already chosen.
Ratul Bhowmik
UX Designer
NID, Ahmedabad
A jack of all designs - Ratul visualizes NoctaCam designs, everything from UX to UI to graphics. His shared passion for photography with his colleagues drives him to create something users love.