Liquid Shutter

Change shutter speed of a long exposure after capture

Light Trail Video

Make your light trails come to life

Light Painting Photo

Create artistic paintings with light.


Capture cinematic timelapses with the best quality.

30FPS Burst

Capture a burst at high speed

Computational Zoom

Capture zoom photos with better quality than other apps

Brighten Dark Scenes

Both of these images were captured on the iPhone 11 Pro

Capture More Detail Without Noise

No matter how much you zoom, there is more detail

Remove Crowds

Remove people coming in the way using Long Exposure as you photograph the guy in the blue shirt

More Features

  • Precision Exposure Adjustment
  • Our AutoSmart algorithm analyses the scene and determines the best settings
  • 4K for great detail
  • Cinematic Aspect Ratio
  • Smooth 60FPS videos
  • HEVC and HEIC for better quality and smaller files
  • High Bitrate Videos to record detail in every pixel
  • Smart Dual Camera that automatically switches between wide and tele based on multiple factors: scene, light level, distance and the phone model
  • All powered by our advanced GPU-accelerated algorithms built using Core Image for superfast performance
  • Perceptually lossless compression for best quality with small files
  • Optimised for low-light with no noise, impressive detail, and vibrant yet natural colors
  • Detects dark scenes and brightens them automatically
  • Designed for ergonomic single-handed use
  • EV (exposure bias) adjustment
  • Anti-shake delay to prevent blur in photos
  • A grid to help you compose tastefully
  • A software tutor that observes your photography and gives you personalised suggestions to improve
  • Tripod detection
  • Supports the Ultrawide camera of the iPhone 11 Pro

Upgrade your photography